architect, artist, academic


conceptual submission

Top 7 entry
PINarchitecture Competition
2013, PERTH

‘”The low anchored cloud would be a brilliant relief from the heat for a city’s residents and ecosystems alike. Additionally, one can imagine the comfort and allure of the mist as a catalyst in activating public space at-will.”

Submission for the brief of The Sweating City; global temperatures are rising, on average, and will continue to rise for the foreseeable future.  Air conditioning and shading devices may not be enough to sustain the livability of cities, where the majority of the world’s population now lives.  Sweating is an automatic mechanism to regulate body temperature. Similarly, how might a city regulate its temperature through an automatic water distribution system?  Where will water come from, with increasing need and diminishing sources?  How might the volume of water needed during heat events be delivered through a network, or series, of devices?  How might a city sweat?


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