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A registered Architect, based in Perth, Australia.
AIA WA Emerging Architect Prize Winner 2023


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  • It’s been great working with Yang Yang. Great Communication, attention to detail, thought and design leader. He’s gone above and beyond helping our family design our pool house and obtain planning approvals and building recommendations. Thoroughly recommend

    Ellen Quach
  • Yang Yang is very friendly and extremely helpful!

    Megan Rex
  • When you work from the heart, you toil with joy and sincerity. To be honest to yourself, your passion and your dream is a courage in itself. To follow it is an adventure. Let Yang Yang inspire and work together with you, to build your dream home. Where you will spend your days motivated to live with vigour, intent and purpose, in a beautifully crafted designed space.

    Roy Choo
  • We were referred to Yang Yang by our close friend and we can't recommend him highly enough! Yang Yang stepped in when we needed ideas, drawings, advice and help the most, prior to and during our renovation process. He was very helpful and responsive to all my questions no matter how small of a concern it was. Yang Yang is a knowledgeable and skillful architect, who's also an approachable and conscientious person to consult with. He put our minds at ease as first time renovators. Thank you Yang Yang!

    Ann L
  • It was wonderful and so much fun working with Yang Yang, to say the least. He is an absolute professional. But more importantly, he is a good listener and understood our needs. He was patient and kind even when we had unrealistic expectations of what can be achieved with our narrow block. He patiently explained architecture, design and construction to us when we needed a bit of education to make informed decisions. He always worked in stages to ensure that we had visibility of his work in progress and that he did not waste time pursuing a design option that we weren't keen on. We loved the final product - great utilisation of space, beautiful front facade design, great open plan at the back to make use of our north facing block. I could go on...We've worked with other architecture firms before who over promised and under delivered, and working with Yang Yang as an independent designer was truly a breath of fresh air. On a personal level, he is genuine, honest and kind and we very much enjoyed his company. He got us addicted to the design process. If we had the money we would build one house after another with him. We wish him the very best in his career endeavours as he deserves it and is a truly passionate architect, whose life is dedicated to the beauty that is architecture.

    Tammy Tran
  • I am delighted to share my experience working with Lee Yang Yang as our Design Architect for our new build. We discovered Yang through a Google search and were immediately impressed with his prompt response to our initial email inquiry. Before providing a quote, he suggested an in-person meeting to discuss the project details, which showed his thorough and professional approach. Yang offered a very reasonable price for his services, and his extensive knowledge of design and building regulations was evident throughout the process. Additionally, he connected us with a network of professionals, including engineers, energy consultants, and building surveyors, which greatly facilitated our project. Yang's availability and responsiveness were exceptional. Whenever we needed to discuss design aspects in person, he made himself available, and he was always quick to respond to emails and text messages. His dedication and commitment to our project were truly outstanding. We feel very fortunate to have found Yang and had the opportunity to work with him. We highly recommended Lee Yang Yang to anyone seeking a skilled and reliable Design Architect. Jess and Aaron Hickey

    Jessica Hickey
  • Yang Yang is an architectural genius.. ask him anything about design, architectural culture, latest architectural trends, materials and building products, how to design to meet r codes, architecturally significant places to visit in the city you are going to, anything about a CAD program, how to make your drawings and models look better, architectural memes - and he can answer off the top of his head. He's like the Siri of architecture

    Amy Quach
  • Yang Yang was so generous with his time and had a really great knowledge of the Architectural process. He gave very helpful feedback and kept the whole process calm, clear and professional. Cannot thank him enough for how beneficial this was! Emily

    Emily Johnson
  • From the first time you meet Yang Yang you can tell he lives and breaths architecture. Not only is he creative, but he is very knowledgeable on the technical side of construction as well. He also has a talent for listening and manifesting your ideas in a way that is simple to understand. I would highly recommend him to anyone who is looking for an architect.

    Thien Khiem Nguyen
  • Polite, enthusiastic, very helpful

    Vicky Green